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*TSI The Spanish Inquisition

are gonna hold tournament in 4vs4 arena death match best of 20.
Single Elimination - Brackets - Maximum 8 teams allowed.

June 12th 2011. 2pm EST gather time, 2:30pm est start time.(1930gmt)
Sign-ups on forums, registration is first come first serve and June 9th is last registration date.
Any subs can be used by anyone so long as they donít violate the ship limit or captain limit on the team or have taken part on any other team.
Its open to any team/fleet/lastminute-mixupteams that wish to participate assign a Team leader & co Team leader.

Sample signup.

Team The spammish idiots.
Team leader mai kai@handle-science(captain type)/recon(ship type)
Members, Era skysni@handle-engineer/assualt, trinity@handle-science/intripid, linty@handle-tactical/defiant

No and Zorena, Mai kai wonít participate in the tournament.

TSI vent will be used by any one who want to ask questions to either Mai Kai or Zorena during the tournament, details will be given later.

Channel for the tournament is /channel_join JunePVP

No scramble sensors
No Mines (karífi mine spawns allowed)
No harípeng torpedoes
No Breen torpedoes (mines)
No Scorpion fighters
No Fire at will
You may take up to 1 engineer, 2 science 4 tactical Captains.

Ship selection this is to limit the amount of science and healing powers you will have to select for your team primarily.

Max one of this group A This is to limit the amount of healing power available to your team
* star, assault, exclesior, galaxy x, galaxy refit,
* negvar, vorcha, marauder
* ( Vulcan ship, Vo'que Carrier, Nebula
Taking this will only allow your team to pick 1 of the ships in group b )

Max two of this group B This is to limit the amount of sci powers available to your team
* Bop type, B'rel hegh'ta
* Carrier type, Kar'fi
* varanus fleet support vessel
* recon, long range retro, dssv,
* mvam escort

Max Four of this group C This is to limit the amount of Offensive ships in your setup.
*Escort type - Fleet escort, advanced escort, Defiant, Raptor, Gurumba

it should also be said here- ANY confirmed rule violations will result in a complete team forfit for this day's event (but not future events)

any questions contact @matteo716 or @zorena

Team lists (no particular order)
Tide's Medical Officer@tidemand82 Vorcha - Sci
Kh'arn@Beagles Bop - Tac
Revenge of the Goose@FurQue Bop - Sci
Khadriel@Vipermist Craptor ohh sry I mean Raptor - Tac

Era skysni@Erattiaan-Assault-Cruiser-eng ©
lynn tea@lintyuk-deep-space-science-vessel-sci,
Hilbert's twin sister@Mancom-multi-vector-assault-Escort-sci, (vc)
Rock@Rock_Monster-fleet escort-tac,

Fista SIstas-
Trans@BorrowedTune (sci/intrepid)
Guapo IV@guapos (sci/intrepid
Cutter Slade@Cutter.Slade (tac/escort),
Meow@meeowww (eng/cruiser)

Shlolly@ashvitto Sci/Defiant
LisiStrata@lord-thy Sci/multivector (*)
Shran@matcap Eng/Star TAc/dssv

Qaw'chah@husanak Sci / vorcha
War Lord Vir'Swal@Akfourtyseven Sci / Gorn
@Carter2049 Tac / Bop
Semaj@vicotry275 Tac / Raptor

sheanna@jelan/sci, intrepid-r
kedric@kedric/tac, defiant-r
iceroid E@iceroid/eng, nebula
Ihasa@genxcraig/sci, defiant-r

Knights Templar-
chance@MrJohnnyX Tac / MVAM escort
Seven of Eleven@evilito Tac/Tactical Escort Refit
Zok@pogmahone Sci/intrepid
Kelldak@Blackknight8x eng/starcruiser

Shadows of Risa-
Super@superballer1 eng/assualt cruiser
ho'bag@Aldo-raine tactical defiant
PuMuz@Muz intrepid science
Geanna@coolinc intrepid science