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05-31-2011, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
I'm not sure what encouragement they need besides not wanting to have their asses handed to them. It's what got me more team oriented..
Any current "encouragement" comes from within. I play and want to win. Why? Because I want to win and be recognized as someone to be reckoned with, but that only comes from me ... no one else. If someone doesn't give a rat's aft they won't care about having their backsides handed to them on a silver, gold or even wood platter ... They just don't care.

Originally Posted by Artificialx
I've been in favour or greater rewards for winning for ages. It's a no brainer. I would keep the current emblem level the same, but give double for winning. Something like that. "Win only" drives away newbies and farmers, who frankly, are probably keeping the queues going.
As with now, this only continues to reward those who don't care. You still get the greatest ROI (or lack there of). Currently, if I go into a match and sit at the gate until the match is over I'd get 3 emblems for not doing a damn thing. Double the rewards for winning and do nothing for loosing begets the same. The only difference here is for those who do want to (and do) win. For those who want to and don't they still suffer by the hand of those who don't care. But that sword cuts both ways unfortunately and not being rewarded WILL drive new and less able players away.

So, the real question is: How do you reward those who try (win or loose) and not those who don't (akf-ers, farmers, jackasses)?

Enter ...

Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
This is where a rating system would be nice. Rewards could be scaled. A rating system doesn't only have to split players from playing against one another. How about that rating system gave levels of rewards based on player abilities. For instance LOTRO PvmP has a renown system. Where players with higher renown levels are worth more renown for scoring kills on.
Perhaps Skill points and emblem rewards could be scaled to your opponents skill and kill counts (or even dmg counts) could play into the reward system.

Perhaps everyone should get 1 emblem for a round of 3 instead of the 3 given now;
However you get a bonus of .2 emblems for every kill you get credit on... with a muliplier based on the renown rating.. such that a kill on a very highly rated player could give you up to say a 5x bonus on that math.
Start with one (1) emblem for both sides. The more you participate by getting or being part of a kill the more your reward is multiplied; up to a maximum (say 5 emblems). This would prevent the undesirables from joining a match because they would be putting in 20-30m (one would hope for longer) to get a single emblem; a horrible ROI. (You could even introduce a system whereby if you take more damage than you give (or some other mechanism) you get nothing; so, the undesirables get nothing regardless of being on the winning or loosing team; no ROI.)

This would probably go to the "encouragement" too; as I would like to see my renown as high as possible. Anyone playing and trying would get recognition of their effort community-wide and as they rise to the top they feel better and better about playing more and more.

Now add ...

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
PUG queue: Teams cannot queue for this queue.
Premade Queue: Teams (of any size) and single players can join this queue. This is basically like the old queue.
Players are able to participate in both queues; either as a team or as an individual. If you are part of a premade and don't want to pug .. you have your queue. If you want to pug without crossing a premade ... you have your queue. If you want to do both ... knock yourself out.

The PUG queue should have a mechanism in place for balancing the "team renown". This would provide roughly equitable skill to both teams. Thus you don't get the "accidental" premade or a severely imbalance match.

Will the premade queue be excruciatingly slow? Probably, but, over time, we may find that those individuals who play in the PUG queue become more and more confident. They learn tips and strategys. They play alongside "renowed" players. They join PvP fleets and more fleets field more teams. Or, they form teams of their own and start queueing in the Premade queue.

Isn't THAT what we're really seeking? More people playing more PvP?

The only problem left is how to determine renown? If it is based on damage output and kills, well ERA is gonna look like a noob. (ERA, noob, when would you think that. ) Define it by healing and Beagles wouldn't make it out of the bottom rung.