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05-31-2011, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
We may well be able to put a team or two together. Why 4 though ? lol only 4 TSI left I guess
Honestly 4 could make it easier for us to include our regulars into 2 teams anyway, as we often have more then 5 but not a nice round 10 either.

2 Ships per any one class is nice... no one wants to fight 4 man sci teams.... or even 4 man escort teams with the cap on healing.

Not that I care... but are we talking Captain type restrictions? 4 rolling sci teams may still be an annoying cheese ball play, seeing as no one talks about the most broken skill in the game that often (sci fleet caughhhhF)

I would say faw is a no go... Cryptic has confirmed it to be borked at this point.
Pangers... no thank you.
S/S... We could live with, as FurQue says its cheese but it does seem to be working as intended.
these are all just the preliminary ideas, the only thing 100% now is the teams of 4 and no harpoons. me and zorena are working out the other details. and yes, the idea of 4 man teams are so people can get a team together easier.

now, as for multiple teams.... this will be heavly determined on the number of teams taking part. otherwise tsi would just flood with 3-4 teams hahaha and i dont think people would want that.

ill edit the first post as more details come to light.