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05-31-2011, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by Rafeism
I'm actually not entirely opposed to this idea.

While I shudder to use a call of duty reference with this crowd, there is a game mode called Mercenary death match, were only non teamed players compete. something like that here could work, give premades a challenge, give pugs and casual/new pvp'ers a chance.
the best solutions are to actually work like a team- what happens if this type of mode is implimented but fleet members still end up on the same team? what then? all it takes is 2 people to know what theyre doing and end up on the same team to make a difference. and this is still assuming that premades would want to fight premades constantly.

i cant tell you the number of times people have left matches against tsi.... premade and otherwise.
auto teaming and voice communication are key to make pvp workable for none premades. voice chatting is on its way, so all thats needed are auto teaming...