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05-31-2011, 09:38 PM
Originally Posted by voniatko View Post
As a Fed player, I have not tried KDF toon yet.
I would be very much interested in it, for the change of pace, however, the lack of content is turning me off.

That said, at this time I would vote NO - no Klingon content (flame shields up).

1.) [Objective]: Klingon player base around 12%, making the investment in KDF will bring very less for the game revenue. That in my eyes equals to less content in the future.
2.) [Objective]: Given the current awful state of KDF faction, it would take 1 year of no other than KDF content to reach comparable levels with FED faction. Again, this would mean loosing players = less revenue = even less content in the future
3.) [Subjective]: I prefer FED story development, and still want to remain FED player primarily. Doing the same grind for 1 year without new content...that's not what I pay for.

I think the way the devs have chosen - content available to both factions - is the right way for the moment. Given there are few more feature episode series, hopefully there will be enough story material to lessen the grind torture of KDF players.

Bugfixing + new KDF fluff, thats of course a different story and my NO is not covering this aspect.
1- the Klingon playerbase is more than 12%. The stat is skewed. So many fed players ALSO have klingon characters. Which they might actually PLAY if the development team made more content for the side to level with.

2- Your estimate is way way off. It would take a good solid 3 months to get the KDF up to speed. All you have to do is klingonize Lt. Commander, Commander and Captain levels. That's it. Everything at Lt. levels is already there and fast. Everything from Admiral to end-game is there and usable. The gap is in the middle. And it'd just take some tweaks to content that already exists. Klingons aren't asking for complete equality to fed content. They're asking for the ability to level from start to finish. That's parity. And that's less content than your second point suggests.

3- If you have any alts, you already do the same content grind. And right now, it seems all you're paying for is RERUNS and REMASTERS. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.