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06-01-2011, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by voniatko View Post
As a Fed player, I have not tried KDF toon yet.
I would be very much interested in it, for the change of pace, however, the lack of content is turning me off.

That said, at this time I would vote NO - no Klingon content (flame shields up).

1.) [Objective]: Klingon player base around 12%, making the investment in KDF will bring very less for the game revenue. That in my eyes equals to less content in the future.
2.) [Objective]: Given the current awful state of KDF faction, it would take 1 year of no other than KDF content to reach comparable levels with FED faction. Again, this would mean loosing players = less revenue = even less content in the future
3.) [Subjective]: I prefer FED story development, and still want to remain FED player primarily. Doing the same grind for 1 year without new content...that's not what I pay for.

I think the way the devs have chosen - content available to both factions - is the right way for the moment. Given there are few more feature episode series, hopefully there will be enough story material to lessen the grind torture of KDF players.

Bugfixing + new KDF fluff, thats of course a different story and my NO is not covering this aspect.
1. The player base is is low in part because there is not much in the way of PvE material and unique features for the KDF. Like you said, you are not playing KDF for that very reason.
2. Changing focus from Fed to KDF would have minimal impact on whether players will come and go or not. Adding more material may bring players back who let their accounts expire, but people who were not going to stick around anyhow will still leave new material or not.
3. Between PvE, PvP, and the accolades there should easily be enough materials for one character to be played for at least a year. When you make a new character, the whole process starts over again.

In short, saying no new material for the KDF simply because of a small player base is self-defeating. It creates a negative feed-back such that the KDF would never recieve new material, and would never attract enough players to justify more materials based on player base.

I would point out that right now, material taken from a Fed view is then looked at as to how it could be incorperated into the KDF. It might be an interesting change to start from the KDF view, and then consider how those features would be incorperated into the Federation. Coming at the game from a different starting point could yeild dividends because of that difference of perspective.