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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
6- The races. It'd be smart of them to kind of wedge the Typhon Pact into the Romulan empire. But, as it stands there's three races for the Romulans, with maybe a couple of more available. That's Romulan. Reman. Alien. With maybe Iconians and Hirogen added in due to the stories taking place in the game itself.
I remember playing a very early Star Trek game... StarTrek: TNG – A final Unity.
I recalled that as the Enterprise I had to speak to aliens who were flying in a Warbird like the Romulans …
Originally Posted by ST:TNG-A Final Unity wiki
While on routine patrol of the Romulan neutral zone, the Enterprise intercepts a distress signal from the crew of a Garidian scout ship, seeking asylum in Federation space. After a brief confrontation with the commander of a Garidian Warbird (similar in design to a Romulan D'deridex Warbird except white in color with a red starburst design on the nose)
Someone would have to check the game for their exact features, while they have vulcanoid features even Vulcans and Romulans look slightly different.
It might however be a fourth option for Romulans eventhough they might look similar.
Originally Posted by voniatko View Post
As a Fed player, I have not tried KDF toon yet.
I would be very much interested in it, for the change of pace, however, the lack of content is turning me off.

That said, at this time I would vote NO - no Klingon content (flame shields up).
Maybe I am stupid… I probably am, but I really don’t get it…
You are interested in playing a KDF character, but don’t because of lack of content… While one line beyond that statement you say NO to more KDF content.

So the way that I read this is that you actually do not want to play a KDF character.