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06-01-2011, 12:19 AM
Personally my reply is: "NO... The KDF should not get new content in their current state".

Now now.. Calm down... Hear me out.

In Star Trek, the klingons were a rather complicated race. At first glance you'd say that they were going around guns blazing, killing off whatever got in their way, conquering anything in their path.

That is also how they are in STO.

This is WRONG... VERY wrong.

The Klingons were a sophisticated species with a very destinct set of rules for where and when they were allowed to attack.

For Instance: When Quark threw himself at the mercy of a klingon, displaying a level of honesty saying "if you kill me it won't be honorable killing, but plain murder" (or somthing like that) during a duel to the death, and when the Klingon was about to kill him, the other klingons dishonored him for "trying to kill a pathetic ferengi i cold blood".

This displays that the KDF would, and should never allow the killing of defenceless people, even when that battle was agreed upon by both parties.

Another instance is when Worf leaves starfleet to fight in the Klingon civil war. During battle the klingons are fierce warriors who will fight to the death, never let themselves get captured (unless there are more battles for them to be faught), and they do so with a cunning and military strategy that outshines even that of the federation (as indicated by the "Yestodays Enterprise" where the KDF would have been close to defeating the federation, had the war from TOS continued).

This indicates a high level of intelligence when it comes to the art of war, and should in no way be disregarded.

We look to the old japan, and their samurai culture when comparing to the Klingons. Their ways were quite similar, and they as well had a very specific set of rules for when you are allowed to kill your opponent, and when you aren't.

Displaying the KDF as they are in STO is disregarding everything we know about them. STO represents the KDF as Thugs and raiders who care for nothing else than slaughtering their enemy.

No what I want for the KDF, is a complete suspension of that faction, a complete re-design of EVERYTHING, ships, weapons, models and missions, to better display what the klingons are all about.
In many ways the Klingons are the STO equivalent of Warcrafts (no... not World of ********... the REAL ********) Orcs: Seemingly rampaging annimals, but really a advanced culture.