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06-01-2011, 01:56 AM
Originally Posted by Victory275 View Post
I pugged it for over a year and was never discouraged to see a premade on the other side. I just always thought, "okay, time for some schooling." It was never in me to warp out... just can't bring myself to ever do it.

People seem to be averse to entering matches where they may face defeat, as if the only good match, is one they have a reasonable chance of winning.

Frankly, I think it's quite childish.

Not only, as already mentioned, do we simply not have the population to support such a queue system, it seems to want to punish people for being in a fleet or having friends.

Yesterday I was in a full PUG in an Arena game, solar wind. Teamed up (almost immediately, good job feds!), said our hellos (wow, communication?!?!) and flew to the middle. I ran ahead in my defiant, and saw...a full Raumflotte (I think that is the spelling?) premade.

The only thing to cross my mind?? "It's awwwwn!"

The fact I will probably lose the match, was neither here nor there, and if it is for you, I argue you shouldn't be playing PvP in the first place. If you can't be a gracious loser, go shoot an NPC.

So, predictably, the match ended in their favour 15-1. But, we made them work hard for their kills. For a pre-made vs a pug the match was unusually long, our healers did a wonderful job of trying to keep the DPS alive. Raumflotte were just, better. It was interesting to note their Damage wasn't much higher than ours, nor their healing, yet they beat us by 14. They were just a slicker team. They were bang on their healing, and for a while I thought we'd never get any of them, they made it seem impossible. So I tell you, when we finally managed to get our sole kill late in the match, I was overjoyed. I let out a shout of victory, and despite the fact we lost the match, it still FELT like victory.

This in my eyes, is the heart of a warrior. This thread smacks of the heart of a coward.

Kah'less would be rolling in Sto'Vo'Kor.