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06-01-2011, 03:16 AM
I tried to play Give Peace A Chance, but the ground combat was absolutely impossible on Elite. I'm not exaggerating either, it really is absolutely impossible. The Gorn Rangers hit for 600+ damage with their bolt spray, and 200 with a normal shot. It's not your fault, it's the bugged Cryptic elite ground mode, but I couldn't even get past the first group. I'd die in less than 10 seconds. God, Cryptic's lack of any attention to fixing major bugs really ****es me off.

As far as I got, the station was decently populated. Ferengi Bartender was named UGC Contact though. I thought the space battle was OK, although I think it would be better if at least one of the groups engaged after the dialogue. I'd suggest putting one spawn closer and then put an invisible wall tall (set the Y to -20 so that it's harder to go underneath) that goes away once the dialogue is completed, causing the ships to engage.

Anyway, I'll give the mission another shot when the ground revamp goes in, assuming it actually fixes the problems, which knowing Cryptic is not guaranteed.