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06-01-2011, 05:48 AM
Yea, Im guilty of which you speak........understand that im in there for accolade purposes generally. Usually if I see another of low level I exit or change instances.

Not much you can do about it ATM as Cryptic knows about it and are workin a fix. I have the same issue you do on both sides of the fence.

WHen I go to level a new toon its the same for me with others. Until they fix it, it is what it is.

Funny though, I got all the way to VA without doing any patrols i have to play catch up and redo all the patrols. I have many low end missions that were never some low end peeps will see VA's flyin about where you wouldnt expect.

Until Cryptic gets a handle on how the enemy spawns to your level and the level of all rights the DSE's should be level centric IE if its in romulan space, they should be commander spawns not VA if one happens to be there.

Thing is though it shouldnt matter at VA cause any points you get just accumilate into BO points.

Still i Feel ya...

Go Cav..................