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06-01-2011, 06:18 AM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
Since launch all of the unique things that the Empire had to offer: Bat'Leths, our Cloaking Devices, our Universal Bridge Slots, Orion Slave Chicks, have been taken from us and given to the Federation.

So it's not just that the Federation has received more and more content while the Empire's been neglected, it's that the Empire has been systematically looted of all of the unique things that it once had to lure players into at least trying 'Red Side'.

So now the Empire has nothing to offer that a player can't get more of, and with less bugs, in the Federation.
So, what we really need is more diffusion of Klingon content to the Federation...We'll take them ove rthrough cultural diffusion...We'll make them into Klingons (sarcasm here of course)...