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06-01-2011, 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by BorrowedTune
Old habits are hard to break. C'mon... take the oath with me:

"Less QQ. More Pew Pew."
"Less QQ. More Pew Pew."
"Less QQ. More Pew Pew."

Repeat daily as needed. If symptoms persist after one week, please consult your doctor.

And no, I don't go around inspecting everyone's ship before, after or during every battle because I'm worried about what FurQewQew might think. Generally speaking, our main group has discontinued peng usage. It's an experiment. And in a surprising turn of events, the QQ has not lessened. It seems no matter what we use (for example, transphasics), they are OP. As a matter of fact, almost anything these days is OP and grounds for QQ. Last night someone QQ'ed that our toons didn't have enough accolades. Maybe you would like to add that to TSI's Master QQ List for their tournament, among your many other suggestions?
this is kinda funny. Mostly because you understand full well what the QQ is about. We enjoy our fights with you guys. I don't hold the 4 sci ship team against you. Of course you have to understand that most people giving you the QQ don't really understand what it is your doing. They will blame the pengs, the SS the transphasics... whatever. Honestly your all rolling full spec Sci Fleets for mad shield resists, and running 4 scis with all the debuff they give you... I won't say all 4 of you are at full aux, but at least 2 or 3 of you are... so you end up with 4 mad healing sci ships.
Its a recipe for frustration of course.

I don't mean to QQ, you havn't seen us warp on you and you won't... even if we consider the team make up cheese. Our main team will run a couple sci, when where playing around we will sometimes have 3... when we get the QQ on that setup I can understand it.

For my part I would love to see you guys fly a more balanced team. In truth its plain to see that your all good pilots on your own and you understand how to support each other on offense and defense. In any event, I don't blame you for pushing the mechanics of the game. Just funny to pretend you don't understand where the QQ is coming from. Most of the people giving you the QQ may not understand what wiped them so fast... but don't claim you don't understand the mechanics well enough to not understand what little chance they had. I hope you guys do join TSIs... less qq 4 man games. I don't think you will be helpless sheep with out the gimicks, I have no doubt you would be one of the best teams entered. Until then well meet you in the ques some more I'm sure... it is at least good to see many of the old vets are still around. pew pew