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06-01-2011, 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
I think the best measurement we get for "renown" is your win ratio, e .g. the number of matches you participated in and won.

I would probably count "started matches" vs "won matches", to avoid Logoff-skiing.
I would say they could break it down by matches and possibly... K/D... Dmg numbers... and Healing numbers. They could have a few ways to add a Renown Muliplier to your end game renown calculation or something...
So at the end of the match you would see something like this... (the multipliers being to the renown you earn)
7 kills + .02x each
2 deaths - .02x each
2 kills on players with 2x renown ratings +.02x
2 kills on players with 4x renown ratings +.06x
30% of team healing +.02x
10% of team dmg +.02x
Game Won + .02X + 1 extra emblem

I wouldn't want to penalize a team healer who only does 200k in dmg but 2 mil in healing... thats not doing nothing for the team. And a bunch of ways to earn a small bonus to your reward gives people incentives to play diffrent styles, and honestly gives everyone a way to earn reward.

I was also thinking of ways for people to earn renown even if they are in that match with a pug vs a premade or semi premade... This is where getting a renown bonus for say killing or doing X amount of dmg to a person with a higher renown then you. Not to keep going back to it but in LOTRO... ya there are players running around there PvmP area that are expert players, more then likely they will get you before you get them, however as a newer player if you manage to score a kill on that player... or you score a bunch of dmg and someone else finnishes them you get a very nice renown reward. I think something like that could help with warp outs when your against some of the big name teams. Sure you may still loose 15 0... however if you push them to 15 5 or something those 5 kills could make for a very very nice renown bonus and perhaps you end up with more emblems then if you had won.