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06-01-2011, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Well its pretty hard with that concept, as for example killing era is like 10000x more worthy than kiling me for example

It would have to compare the renown of the killer with his victim and modify with some coeficient, so if you beat someone really good and you are really bad, you get more, than the other way around.
Thats exactly the point... Good players will want to fight good players more often. Stomping pugs for 100 points when a good match with another team will get them 2000 is a no brainer. At least if they want to be able to brag that there level X... or have X amount of renown.

Yes it will give the level 1 and 2 guys incentive to fight the level 5 and 6 guys... and after earning some points they will of course realize where they are on the ladder. When you realize how many 100s of games some one has on you in XP cause the game says so you perhaps aren't so quick to QQ.

This is pretty much Lotro uses right now... and ya there are people that basicly hunt high renown players to level. There are players that go off on there own to find their bounties.
It also means that coming in as a new player you can tell just by looking at an opponent how much XP they have , if you see someone with a high ranking title badge, you know you need to step it up or run back to your team.

I'm not saying its a perfect system, and that there is no QQ in Lotro pvp or that the pvp there is even better then here... its just a well implemented renown system . You can log into their leaderboards for any server and see who the highest rated players are... what number of kills people have how many deaths, ect. Getting to the highest ranks takes a long time... no matter what though as you play you make progress, that you can track. Honestly its a lot of fun, I would love to see something similer here at some point. Perhaps the new Cryptic overloards will help them find some time to make something like this happen.