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06-01-2011, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
I come from another game where k/d ratio is visible..age of conan,..and i think it did more harm than good. People are afraid to loose and have bad k/d ratio, so they turn wimps, make cheap builds / teams and general only prey on weak.

So i would rather some concept of renown without k/d visible. Just single visible value of renown-
That's a valid point, leaving the info out would still work as far as the basic concept goes. Like I was saying I would like to see other ways to earn renown outside of just kills anyway. Healing and scoring "Giant Kills" should count for something. As you have said its not hard to go stomp 100s of inexperienced players, half the number of kills all on other good players should be weighted properly. Perhaps we could even see renown rewards for things like capturing caps in the C&H.