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06-01-2011, 08:59 PM
I thought this thread was going to be griping about SS -- that's actually broken because you can't reliably clear it from yourself. But aside from that, Sci spamming isn't awful.

The drain builds in particular aren't bad. Yes, they are becoming more common again, but disabling systems ought to be a viable tactic since it happened in canon constantly. It's easy to deal with, since you can use EPtX, a battery, two different engineer abilities, or just freaking adjust your power settings. It might be a little tough to deal with, but it's far from OP.

Anything becomes tough when a whole team does it, but the only Sci power which is out of whack is SS, and just fixing it so that ST always clears it might be enough.

((If you think about it, any of the team abilities firing off and healing an enemy ship makes no sense at all. Weapons misfiring are fine. Accidentally broadcasting power to an enemy ships structural field even might be explainable. But to beam a repair team to the enemy ship, through their shields, where they then proceed to repair the enemy ship, and the enemy just lets them mess around with their ships computer and shields, then lets them beam back, through their shields which have never dropped -- that's freaking ridiculous.))

((Even more absurd are those times when instead of fixing my scrambled sensors, my science team instead randomly beams over to an enemy mine, where they stay very still and try not to explode, until they are safely beamed back. You'd think that the first time scrambled sensors caused that to happen, someone might suggest using the turbolift instead of the transporters.))