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Franklin Drake Must Die
by syberghost

"Admiral Johnson needs your help to stop a rogue Section 31 agent from altering the timeline for unknown ends."

Final Rating: 4 Stars

You meet with Admiral Johnson in his office on Starbase 39. He briefs you on the situation. A Starfleet officer has gone back in time, without authorization, and he must be stopped.

You head to Korvat, where the time rift is. You're able to stealth past a number of Klingon patrols in the system, only having to engage the ships that are loitering directly beside the rift. After making the correct calculations, you enter the rift.

Upon arrival you scan for, and find, the runabout taken by the time traveler. You tractor the empty runabout into your hangar bay, and find the beam down point on the planet's surface in its computer.

Beaming down to the planet you avoid several patrols of Klingon soldiers and you find the Traveler. You inform him that he's under arrest and he explains that he's here to stop another time traveler from assassinating a Starfleet officer and changing the course of history. However, he's injured and has lost his tools.

After dealing with his attackers, and recovering his tools, you help him to break into the base where the assassin has captured his target. You fight your way through his soldiers, take down the assassin, and rescue the Starfleet officer.

After everyone is beamed up you return the Starfleet officer to his ship in this time, and then head for the time rift. You sabotage a nearby satellite to lure away the Klingon vessels patrolling the rift and then you head through it and back to your own time.

Once there you're informed that the Traveler has left the ship in his runabout. He manages to escape, and you report in to Admiral Johnson.

Problems with the mission: Two minor plot holes:

1) Considering the situation, why didn't the Traveler simply ask for, and receive, permission to go back in time to fix the situation?

2) The assassin captured his target. Why didn't he just kill the target and then leave? That was his stated goal.

Final Thoughts: While there were a lot of enemies present, both in space and on the ground, in most cases killing them wasn't required to advance the mission. This gives the player control of how to handle the mission. Allowing for either stealth or as much combat as the player desires. A welcome and refreshing change from the usual "Kill (0/5)" followed by the inevitable "Kill the Reinforcements (0/3)"!

The dialog was amazing. The Admiral actually spoke like a Flag Officer, and the options presented in the dialog allowed my Captain to actually make decisions, instead of being bossed around by his bridge officers.

If the author fleshes out the Starfleet officer's story a bit more, and addresses the plot holes, this mission could easily qualify for 5 stars.