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06-01-2011, 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by BluerockBeing04 View Post
Tonight 2 fleet mates of mine joined up for some Arenas. We had a couple of fun matches, and the last one ended up being against a pretty good pug...2 members of 7th Core and a few other experienced players, and sadly, we were all in cruisers. The match lasted 2 hours, with the score 13-7 in our favor, and before we could get the last 2 kills, one person logged out, and then 7th Core turn tail and ran. They then proceeded to leave the match.

It was such a long game that one of their team mates had already left and another had just been killed, so it was a matter of 30 seconds before we killed them and won. Had it been me, I would have stayed and taken my licks, said "good game," and continued on having fun. I guess I'm more honorable than some.

My point being, I know it's been asked for many times, but they have to put some kind of system into place so that people can't escape dying by logging off or leaving the match. It cheats people out of their win, out of their emblems, and out of time they could have spent doing something (anything) better.
I think I was in that match too. I got disconnected at the beginning but didn't quit the match until the bitter end. But was discouraging we were on the bring of winning after a very long battle. Felt like like all that time was wasted.

As for people purposely logging off, its really becoming a troublesome technique for people to do that to avoid being killed in PvP. So I would love for it if Cryptic had it that if you purposely log off during a match, you don't return. Then again, not too hard to pull the plug and force a disconnect.

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The real tragedy is a 5v5 with everyone being in cruisers.....gogo FvF!!!
Our side was 5 Cruisers, the other side was 1 Escort, 2 Sci, and 2 Cruisers. And most of them were Sci Captains (talk about Photonic Fleet spam).