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06-02-2011, 02:08 AM
to be honest Cryptic has added a lot since launch to bring KDF up to the same level as FED

the only thing realy missing now is actual unique KDF missions and as we all know the Featured Series are the only missions that are added to the game, so there will be no *unique* missions for the KDF in a while (beyond foundry).

I remember at launch there weren't even exploration clusters, STF's or Fleetactions
i think i have never seen my Away Team on a ground mission before Season 2.

I won't deny that Cryptic could focus more on KDF content and give the player a better reasons to play KDF and that in the current state they are more like a Monster Play faction but you can't say that the Dev's ignore the KDF.

So yeah, the KDF is WIP, but then the whole game is one big Work in Progress -> after all we do pay the Devs to keep working on the game.

At this point i can't say that on FED side i am any less bored then on KDF side...
the only diffrence is that i have 5 FED and 2 KDF chars and feel like i have done every build that makes sense to me.

Those 50 somewhat old missions... played them all multiple times now, on new chars i dont even care to play them all anymore (only the ones with good rewards), i have 2 Vice Admirals where the menu is cluttered with low level Patrols and Missions i didn't do... XP boosting Weekend and Items did the rest.

At this point the only thing i do is either Foundry Missions or emblem grinding, if i want one of those 500 Emblem ships on a certain char (which is rare to begin with).