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06-02-2011, 01:42 AM
Originally Posted by thamupp View Post
I had an hour or two free time yesterday so i decided do some pugging. Actually i enjoyed it somewhat.

But i still think that a premade player would do well pugging, hell, i did quite well and i'm not that good.

In the end i still agree with what beagles said, i dont think someone can be a great player untill they play in the toň tier premade v premade games. (not that i put myself in that category at all!)

Also, i think i played both with and against you dalnar (i'm kort) :p


Edit: eh i put this in the wrong thread... Lol :p

Ontopic: i dont think we have population for this atm. Dunno if it's been suggested but what about just a new premade que thag you can only join with a team but stilm keep the old ques. That way a team wont have to wait forever for another team to get on.
Following up on this, yesterday, Thamupp and I got thrown into a match with three pugs against a premade, and we managed to score nine kills, it was great fun