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06-02-2011, 04:36 AM
They have added a great deal since I have been on the KDF side. I have to admit though, the changes they add are far-reaching, over-arcing, and what most KDF pilots want is some customization for all of their characters. Having proper rank identifiers also helps. It seems to me that this will not come about for some time....Any dev wish to comment when we will be seeing anything from the movies in C-Store to make our Klingon toons look a bit more Klingon?...I mean the fingerless gloves, the Kruge cloak, the hair tech...dreads suck btw...clip on everything...., and perhaps some more ship skins?....

I am sure dev comments ...specific dev comments, not just "well, we are in the process of adding stuff" and nothing comes except for these over-arcing changes without customization.