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Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
I would but I am having trouble doing simple things in the foundry. Is there a video tutorial that specifically shows you how to do certain things?.... Thanks for the help in advance. Perhaps I am overlooking some things.

I'll add it to my list and should get to it by the end of the weekend.


What are the issues you are having? There are plenty of tutorial links thru the STO site.
Also, I highly recommend as well. The site is run by the "King" of the best
Foundry tutorials there are, Kirkfat.
Repost with the issue you are having or PM (e-mail) me in game @Duke-of-Rock and I'll try to
help answer your question or direct you to the right tutorial series. I recommend you spend a few
hours and go thru a lot of them. I cannot stress enough how much they helped me.
Let me know and I'll try to help.