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06-02-2011, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by sesshomaru_ View Post
Our 1 count them 1 science ship we have gets nurfed cause you DEV's couldnt get the turn rate right so you give us more turn and now less hull how is it that an escort has more hull than a crusier? NO Answer huh.
Just wanted to point out that it's normal for escorts to have more hull than science ships. Sci uses shields to tank.

Honestly I don't think it's the ship diversity hurting the KDF as much as the persistent lack of PvE content combined with the death of PvP in general. If more players were PvPing, playing KDF wouldn't suck nearly as much because you could just ignore the PvE portion of the game.

I leveled my first KDF toon before any new ships were added, and the second when the only new KDF ship was the freaking lionfish. The thing is that at that time FvK queues popped nearly instantly at every level (for klinks anyway, on the Fed side it was a lot slower) so it was pretty fast and easy to level through PvP. But now between FvF and the general death of PvP, it's very rare for queues to pop at anything other than maximum level, which makes the KDF extremely boring to play.

If you want to fix KDF gameplay, the first step IMO would be to repair PvP in general. There needs to be a ban on any new PvE gear which screws up PvP (such as the har'peng, scorpions, tractor mines, etc.). There should be no rewards for losing a PvP match, to keep the AFKers out (if you aren't AFK you'll likely win at least a quarter of your matches). After that the rate that you gain experience and marks/emblems in PvP ought to be increased so it is at least equal to spending the same amount of time in PvE, with no upward limit. Then sets of PvP gear ought to be added to match the currently available PvE sets.

Tweaking broken powers would help too, but the fact is that currently there isn't much incentive to PvP instead of PvEing, and there is no incentive at all to actually participate in a match once you enter it. PvP is a waste of time compared to PvE, and I think that keeps a lot of players out of PvP.

There is really nothing that could be done to help the KDF as long as PvP in general is slowly sputtering out.