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06-02-2011, 09:18 AM
Hi Daed13,

Please take a look at 3rd Fleet, I think we could be just the fleet for you!

We are a large international fleet, so we have to organise lots of stuff to keep our members happy, including STF's, Fleet Actions, Joint Fleet events, PvP training and tournaments.
We all started out newbies in one way or another so we are happy to work with people who don't know the ropes. There's usually more than one tactic that allows success.

We also have RP going on, but I think it's "light" and it certainly isn't mandatory. If you want to dabble and explore that side further there are opportunities to play "guest" roles or play an NPC for a bit.

We are a mature fleet in age and attitude, we get that this is supposed to be fun and we also get the real life .... happens! The only thing we ask is that you pop in every now and then to sign our roll-call. (They usually run every two months) ... Else you may get cleaned up. Mind you, even if this were to happen, it's easy to get yourself reinstated.

Finally, because we're big, there are usually lots of people on-line therefore you will always be in good company. None of that "lost in space" silence stuff. Again, this maximises the fun as you can get involved in ad-hoc teaming on missions etc. Mass destruction of borg fleets is always more fun in company lol.

Look us up at
Or check our vid at