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06-02-2011, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by sithterror View Post
i too feel that there is more Fed ships, special powers and such making the newer fed ships better than the original ones.
Yet, the KDF has gotten little to even out the playing field. The new additions are good and it is good to know there will be more 'content' coming in season 4. HOWEVER, it pales when half your end game is PvP and your ships dont have the edge and uniqueness or competitiveness they once had due to new ships debuting for the Blue team.
When is the ship revamp going to happen?
When are more KDF ships going to launch?
When are there going to be unique BO layouts to compete with the Blue Force?
When is the BoP going to re-adjusted?
Are there going to multiple BO layouts to choose from?

Inquiring minds....really DO wanna know.
All these thing shall be revealed in time, but I from the chatter on the forum, it might not be the Klingons that enjoy these things you mentioned, but the Feds. I have heard endless debates about the demand for the Fed BOP, a Jupiter Dreadnought Carrier and Universal BO slots with Battle Cloak. The last time I looked there was even talk about the 600 day rewards being non-factional ships like the Romulan Scimitar???