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Ok so if I build a mission and that mission and it has the enterprise e and then a bald guy that is named Captain of the enterprise is that a grey area or a violation? If I have a Vulcan who is old and wearing white robes and I call him Vulcan Ambassador is that grey or a violation. If I have a admiral that has grey hair and named Admiral Jellico is that crossing the line or a grey area.(In this one I am thinking of Captain Edward Jellico but someone else might have made an old guy and called him Jellico because that is their family name or what not.) Please feel free to answer each one or summarize it. I am kinda not sure after reading stuff am I allowed to have a starship that flies in and saves the day called Enterprise?
My questions are very sincere here. In addition I am wondering can we honestly write a mission in the foundry that isn't copyrighting somehow someway? I mean Star Trek has been around for what 40 years now? Don't you think that if you research enough that you can tie every single mission in the Foundry to either an episode or a book somehow?????