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06-02-2011, 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by KiraYamato
You'll only be getting that one uniform with the metallic sheen...
Actually with Vet Reward you get two versions of the Vet jacket: With and without the metallic sheen.

Originally Posted by Sprint01
Can you do the Jupiter uniforms that aren't veteran?

To be clear:

Buy C-Store Jupiter Pack, get five uniforms (jackets, pants, and a basic belt). The five jackets have no metallic sheen. No "bling" - These are plain five plain jackets.

The 500-Day Vet Reward (called Relentless) includes an exclusive sixth Jupiter variant uniform and the UFP Belt. You do not need to buy this, you get it free at 500 days paid subscription, whether you buy the C-Store Pack or not. People who buy the C-Store bundle do not get this version.

In addition, when you are Relentless, you also unlock the abilitiy to add bling to all your Jupiter jackets. This means the free version you get with the Vet reward actually comes in two versions - plain and blinged.

So if you are Relentless and also buy the C-Store Jupiter Pack, you get all five of those with plain and bling versions.... Combined, a total of 12 different jackets.