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........"I remember, Hirogen, when your clan entered into our territory looking for worthy prey," Chancellor J'mpok said. "You found such in the Klingon Empire. But we proved to be too much."

........The Hirogen inhaled and raised his head, but kept his eyes locked on the Chancellor.

........"At first, I was unimpressed by your kind," the Chancellor said.

........Dunjir knew the Chancellor was speaking targ shill. He and his clan held out for days. In that time, he lost four clanmembers. The Klingons lost fifteen. Only lack of supplies and ammunition forced him to surrender.

........"You incurred a great blood debt," the Chancellor said. "You could have spent your life in the Rura Penthe penal colony. That would have been a dishonorable way to die. But you adapted, choosing instead the path of honor."

........With that stated, the Klingon attendants all barked in unison, raising their clenched fists into the air.

........"You served many years, Hirogen," the Chancellor said. "You have proved yourself worthy to wear the Klingon Defense badge. You have shown me that my initial impression may have been..." J'mpok paused briefly, "hasty."

........The eight-foot tall Hirogen stared down at the almost six-foot tall Klingon.

........"And now I commission you to assume command of the ship named Siv'Duhnt," J'mpok said. "You will receive a conscription allowing a name change to your preference. You will be assigned a crew consisting of Klingons, Gorn, Nausicaans, Letheans, and Orion, all serving under your command. You will be given the most glorious missions, to take our cause to the front, to fight Undine, Borg, and even the Federation." The Chancellor spoke the latter with much disgust, allowing his spittle to spew forth.

........The Hirogen knealt before the Chancellor. Even on his knees, his head still reached the Klingon leader's chest. "I will serve the Klingon Empire with honor," Dunjir finally spoke. "I will fight the Undine and destroy them without mercy. I will annihilate all Borg wherever I should encounter them. But most of all," the Hirogen said, "I will hunt down the Federation's most highly esteemed warriors." Dunjir stood, allowing his tall frame to tower over the Chancellor. "They will all make fine prey."

........The Klingon Chancellor laughed. "Go forth, warrior of the Klingon Empire. Make a name for yourself. Bring glory to the Empire. But most importantly, pay what you owe with unfaltering loyalty and unwaivering stance in glorious battle!"

........Dunjir bowed, "I will obey the Chancellor. You will not be disappointed. I will make it so." As the Hirogen turned and walked down the steps from the Chancellor's dais, the Klingon attendants to the ceremony all barked in unison, "Glory to the Empire!"