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# 48 Concerning time constraints
06-03-2011, 12:41 AM
Entry #3 (1st for this challenge, 2nd for this character, 3rd overall)
The Royal I

Droid has now spent some time in recovery, though he can't remember much; he has been pouring over his personal logs & records to no avail. Some things seem familiar, his friendship with Beverly for example, & certain actions come naturally to him, like riding a bicycle.

When I read that the old thread would be left open an extra week, I thought that would mean that the second challenge wouldnít open during that week. I guess I should have checked in. Anyways, I really liked the prompt but only having one week to think about it I didnít start until tonight, quite at the last minute. I hope my story doesnít seem too rushed, I did spend well over 4 hours on it, about the norm for my pieces but there is more dialogue to the first scene which is easier to edit than the narrative itself IMHO. There is much editing I might like to do but for now it is acceptable enough {to me} to be immortalized when the thread closes. From here on I will check at least once per week to be certain.

Please do enjoy, I wanted to include a back story on each of my senior staff so that their interactions with the new crews would make sense. You have to know where your characters are coming from to know where theyíre going, (unless they have amnesia, which can be a history on its own) otherwise it becomes a mystery. I wasn't in the mood to do a mystery piece with this since I have it all so clearly in my mind the exact origins of every character on my ship.

I really didnít have the time I expected to go where I wanted to with this, having only really touched base with the actual prompt near the end, but I am glad that I got done in time to expand further upon my main character & even include a tidbit about the first officer. Some places technical details may not add up since I didn't have time to do research so it's kind of just a "go with it/on the fly" scenario, though being well versed in most details about the ST universe I think they make enough sense to be possible, or one of those circumstances where we often find that the impossible is possible!

Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
I hope to turn the starfleet one into a continuing story. That could be incredibly difficult as I have no idea what each topic will be about
That is a great premise, & that's why I am trying to get at least 1 story out for my main before doing any others. It's almost like a blind date, except it's the story of your captain meeting each of the chapters by surprise! It will be an interesting challenge indeed.

If I decide to write up the additions regardless Iíll post them here, in the next event or in the latecomers thread, along with another story about a different officer that I also wanted to use for this prompt but Droid takes priority. Droid is the muse for all my other fan fiction, because I identify with him the most.

*Also, I know itís not in an artists best interest to point out their own flaws for other people to take notice, but since I may not have had time to go back & fix them all I should note that part of the way through the second half of the story when Droid is recalling the events with VíBuni, he has to tell the story in his log from the third person, & there are parts when it wraps up that may have I forgotten go back to him talking in the first person. Just thought I'd stop somebody before they find any mistakes like that if any are left. Thanks for your understanding, Iím sure youíll get it right in your mind!

Until next time,

Droids personnel file

The senior officerís stories I didnít have time to write about this time around:
Linkuzo - Combat Engineer
Albartleby - Chief Engineer
Delbra - Chief Medical Officer
*Sielli - Counselor, specializes in Veteran affairs
(*Temporarily discharged by request of her husband Albartleby so she won't have to be on the front lines, she took dispute with this but we could not afford the distractions it had brought aboard, so she eventually agreed that it was in everyone's best interests. Of course she made me promise not to get him killed. I've broken that promise a couple times, but I've always managed to bring him back!)
Throya - Xenophobic Amphibuan, expert analyst
Sid - Outcast Ferengi Merchant
Nirol - Experimental Holographic Lifeform
Natalshia - Mirror defector/MACO Chief Military Strategist
Carpe - Mirror defector/MACO Tactical Soldier
Diem -Mirror defector/MACO Science soldier
Mug - Gorn diplomacy interests exchange defector
Jezz - Breen diplomacy interests exchange defector
Tumarix - Reman diplomacy interests exchange defector