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# 49 Concerning technical details
06-03-2011, 12:45 AM
P.S. A request to the DEV's, there has been a glitch in STO since day one where we can't read the biography on some other players bridge officers. Can you please fix this (without erasing the biographies that are already there, just in case ?

Also, when we are looking on the captains database, can you add a function to view the bridge officer bio's & profile pictures in addition to your captain?

Finally, on the captain's database, it would be prudent to separate the captain's logs automatically created by the game & have a separate tab for the captain's logs created by the player, for improved storytelling features.

I started recording a captain's log early on but once they kept getting lost among all the computers auto-logs I gave up on this awesome feature

I was gonna use some of those for my ask cryptic question but I wanted to keep that as short as possible.

Thanks for your time!