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06-03-2011, 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by Pyryck
OP - some good ideas that I could get behind ... as long as the PvP game stays in it's "fight ring" and what happens in the ring stays in the ring, then I can support most any idea PvPers can come up with. The moment / inch / second that their idea effects anything outside that "fight ring" I am immediately against it.

How about I put it in other terms ... I used to like playing football when I was younger, but I don't want a football game going on in the middle of mainstreet or the interstate highway. And I definitely don't want the outcome of that football game to affect what I can do and where I can go or when I can go. I used to play softball in a league, but I don't want a softball game going on in the middle of the mall. Rock'em Sock'em Robots™ was a blast when I was younger, but I don't want a boxing match in the middle of my office. I do play with water hoses and squirt guns with the family, but I don't want to step outside my home to find myself in the middle of a water-gun fight and get soaked to the bone when I'm trying to go to work.

I realize that all of those "fights" or "contests" involve people that enjoy those sorts of competitions. But there's a reason for football stadiums, baseball stadiums, soccer fields and boxing rings. It's so you keep the competition in a single area and don't affect the innocents or the crowds or the other people that just don't want "to play your game."

Now, what's your idea for alleviating the ganking exploitation possibilities in a territory control area? Limit the instance to one rank each? Or full on no-holds barred all's fair in love and war and just let the exploitation ruin the environment for the casual PvPers, like me?
For territory control I think players of all ranks should be able to play together to defend or capture a sector. Much like a fleet action but pvp. Everyone hates expliotation so im 100% against that we get enough of that these days