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06-03-2011, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by Bahalo View Post
Someone said something about rings and that the boxing stays there.

This game IS the arena. Games are the arena. Are there gangs who are killing you? call your fleetmates for help! They dont come cause they are wimps, change fleet. FFS what is wrong with having a realistic universe where anything could happen. I started played fed and i tell you i was REALLY dissapointed that i wasnt flying with the fear of a BoP decloaking behind me. Where is the danger in this game? where is the risk? I mean i am 34 i have played MMOs and PC games since i was 16 and i have an idea what i am talking about! What do you mean not affected by PvP. So if a fleet conquers a planet and gets exclusive resources for that planet and crafts items that nobody else can that doesnt affect other players? Hell ofcourse it does and i am up for it! Where is that superfleet that fight so well?? Sign me on! Have you people actually played MMOs before like Lineage II ?? Take a look at that games mechanics and then talk about MMOs...
I agress this could make the game for more exciting for PVEs and PVPS. To me an anything can happen universe would make it alot more like trek. I want to know how it feels to be on the edge of my seat defending my faction like a starfleet captain would!