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06-03-2011, 04:07 AM
Originally Posted by DrazenX
I deactivated my account a while back ago because I lost my job, but now that I got another one, I just reactivated it and when I click on My Characters in My Account on here, it says I have no characters. So.. did he get deleted or something?
I reactivated after being gone for about a year and my "My Characters" area was empty as well. Your characters are still there, though (mine were) and after you've logged into them and when the Captain's Database is refreshed, they will show back up in the My Characters area. Now, how often that refreshes is anyone's guess...My main has been a Vice Admiral for a week or so, but it still shows Rear Admiral, Upper Half. But, seeing as how I reactivated at RA Lower Half, it does eventually update.