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# 1 New ship ideas?
06-03-2011, 08:44 AM
I think STO needs more variation. Since launch, almost all new ships have been less specialized hybrids, making all ships more similar. (The exception being the Kar'fi and the B'rel). We have the Nebula and D'kyr, being Sci-cruiser. We have the Excelsior and the Dreadnought, Cruiser-Escort. We have the MVAM, Escort-sci.

I call for more specialized ship types! How about an escort that can do more DPS, but has lower survivability? Or a sci ship that is better at CC but with lower healing potential? Or maybe very new ship classes, like T5 fighters?

Example: A T5 fighter, with one Cmdr and one Lt.cmdr station, two fore weapons slots, 3 tac consoles, and a huge boost to evasive and engine power, could be a viable ship! (BO3 and HYT)

In short, I want more specialized ship. No more jack of all trades ships!