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06-03-2011, 09:34 AM
The harpeng was designed to kill off what few klingons are left.

Contrary to what I've previously held, I believe the management and dev teams do PvP quite well. They slowly starve off the klingon population, put a kibosh on pvp leveling through fvf queues, make grinding pve the ONLY viable way to level.

If that player STILL manages to come out alive with a lieut. gen. character, he will be as bad in pvp as the pve only federation masters. Leaving him as the perfect target of opportunity.

Grinding is easily on par with most eastern MMOs, where you just spend days and weeks killing bunny rabbits to gain 1 xp.

Congrats, feds. With the cryptic plan to conduct genocide on the klings, it's looking to be a bright day for you all