Thread: New ship ideas?
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06-03-2011, 09:39 AM
Really i would rather not have more new ships right now. Its a nice idea and all but then you have to look at what you are asking and then look at the current state of the game, then remember this is cryptic......

Its been almost a year and a half and KDF ships aren't even on the STO website yet. lolwat?

PVP issues and content (not including s4 ground updates) is given the lowest of low priority in the dev schedules.

FAW is still retarded, Harpengs got added for even more lamesauce. (getting fixed soon but still)

I would just be happy if FAW was fixed and a proper redo of weapons and skills, but even that seems to be way out at the moment and takes a back seat to PVE content, cstore costumes and ground fixes.