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06-03-2011, 10:11 AM
I been saying this for a while, because it is getting too blended where one ship is the same as another, only differences now is your Ensign slot and your ship's unique abilities. Right now you got Escorts, Cruisers, and Science Ships all with Tactical, Engineering, and Science varients.

I always felt that Cryptic should go:
  • Escorts
  • Tactical Cruisers
  • Cruisers
  • Science Cruisers
  • Science Ships

And if you go further, you can add:

Torpedo Gunboats: Ships that are Torpedoe Specialists.
  • + Various Types of Torpedo Warheads including Illumination Torpedoes to blind opponents.
  • - Limited Energy Weapon Mountings (lets say 3 beams Fore and 2 Aft for a T5 Ship).
  • - Turn Rate of 6-8.

(In a way the B'Rel Refit is similar due to the fire-while cloaked ability).

Electronic Warfare / Support Ships: Specialists with Sensors
  • + Active Jamming Capability ( think AoE "Jam Target Sensors", where you are invisible to opponents).
  • + Boosted Sensor Ranges to allow longer range detections, which allows greater firing ranges (up to 15km)
  • - Vulnerable to AoE's. Especially CPB and Photonic Shockwave.
  • - Unable to use Gravity Well, Tykens, or Photonic Shockwave.

Repair Ships: Cruisers that are the weak offensively, but has the strongest defenses. These ships basically sit at the edge of a battlefield and able to repair a teammate very rapidly. (Of course current Heals would need to be seriously reduced to make this ship viable).