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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Its pretty long, but you might want to read this thread:

There are several Dev responses towards the end that clear up exactly what you can or cant do. Specifically this one:
So nagus I have finally finished reading that incredibly long post. If I am correct in reading it all. The official voice of it says Do not put Jean Luc Picard in the mission physically reference him by way of another officer. What still seems to be fair game as it was never truly hit on was what one dude showed in his posting.

Originally Posted by Foundry EULA
New Game Materials may utilize the Star Trek Properties as provided by CBS and Cryptic Studios unless otherwise specified in the Prohibited Section below. You may use the names of characters (past or present) from the Star Trek Properties.
You may not use the first or last names, likenesses, or other depictions of any actors appearing in, or writers, directors, or producers of the Star Trek Properties.
You may not use New Game Materials to depict any likeness of any real person (historical or present day).

Which to me I get the impression and understanding. I go in and edit my missions so that my people are for example a bald guy named Captain of the Enterprise. Is that going to be pulled? If it is a white bald guy yea but if it is a black bald guy no.

If I make a vulcan who is old and has white robes and call him a vulcan ambassdor that is pretty much standing on the line and daring to jump over it and at times actually jumping over ,but still something they can only pull if I go further and make it clear WHO the Vulcan Ambassador is.

If I use a character that is named Admiral Jellico or Admiral Nech a simple way of getting buy with Jellico is a female and Nech is a male. Which funny enough Jellico was a girl personality wise and Nech was a butch.

I am serious here ,because one of my missions I put literally 24 hours of my awake time into it. I don't want it pulled or deleted.