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Challenge #2: Taking Command

..... "You are relieved of command."
..... Standing on the bridge of her new command, she felt the eyes of the other officers on her. To her left stood Besuhar Nana, her Lieutenant pips bright and shiny. To her right was T'Carr, cool and composed as always, even when in combat.

..... The Commander nodded and smiled at her. "This is a really fine ship. I'll be sad to go."
..... "I understand you'll be taking some key officers with you?"
..... "Well, the Admirable did lose quite a bit of staff in her last run. I'll have to heal what I can with what I have."
..... "Of course. My First Officer and my Tactical Officer join me from the Göttingen. I have come to rely on them and cannot imagine trusting another at this time. And not with where I will take the Cologne."
..... Commander Houghton nodded slowly and lowered his voice a bit. "Keep an eye on Ensign Valik, from Engineering. He is gunning for a promotion and he has been nothing but direct and helpful."
..... It was T'Carr who replied. "Is he capable in his ambition?"
..... Houghton nodded to her trusted second in command. "Very much so. He managed to enhance the energy transfer routing from Auxiliary to Shields while under heavy fire. He stuck himself down a Jeffries Tube to get the job down and came out with second-degree plasma burns. We've not had to worry about shields since that day."
..... The tilting of her head and court nod spoke volumes for the Vulcan. She was impressed.
..... Houghton smiled and turned back to Her. "Captain, with your permission, I'd like to leave to the Admirable now."
..... "Permission granted. Godspeed."

..... She waited a few minutes, dismissing her First and Second Officer to the bridge first. As she then followed out onto her new bridge, an Ensign bellowed "Captain on the Bridge!" and the staff rose.
..... Knowing that each pair of eyes and ears was on her, she strode to the center chair and sat down. After a moment, she tapped a panel on the armrest.
..... "Computer: Record log entry. Captains Log. Supplemental. I have taken command of the U.S.S. Cologne today. I already am impressed with the efficiency and the protocol that is followed. I have already gotten the names of promising officers and I am looking forward to observing them as they grow and follow up through the ranks. For now, I will tour the ship and introduce myself and the ships new First and Second Officer. We may have been send here by Starfleet Command, but this does not mean that we cannot ensure a smooth start. End Entry......
Oh, and Computer: Schedule a reminder. Protocol review. Invite senior staff and ask them to bring overviews of previous protocol and current Starfleet standard protocol." She smiled at Nana. "Some things like having everyone stop what they are doing when I come to the bridge can be reviewed, I think."