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06-03-2011, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by Lord-Thy View Post
Small note: FSI is not a "conventional" fleet. We provide a common platform (forum & Vent) for all italians that play STO (not all italians are in FSI but almost all FSI ARE italians). Most of our members are casual PvE players that may join queues for the sake of emblems only.

The FSI PvP team is the same as in KT Leagues (4 of us actually active) with 2 new recent players still "in training".

As a general rule FSI PvPers DON'T use broken mechanics, i.e. FaW and LoL'Pengs, or other silly aspects of the gameplay (mine spam, pet spam, Scramble spam, etc.).

However, we don't force our PvE-only players to respec into "fairplay" builds, hence the occasional FSI player FaWwing his way into emblem farming.
Now I see why LF "allied" with your fleet. More or less the same principles. Now if we can get the rest of LF off of BSG things might be fun again.