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.................................................. ...................Solitude.

...The sound of the chains rattled against the cold stone like wall as he tried one more time to free himself. Some strange alien fungus that shifted colour from green and yellow to brown and red, lay all around him. In some places it was even moving towards him; for what purpose he could not say, but he was convinced, even in the dank light that his boot was being slowly dissolved.

...The air was rancid and stuffy and it was becoming harder to breath with each passing hour. Would he die through lack of food or lack of clean air was about the only question Admiral Tanar now faced as he awaited death. He was at least thankful the fungus would not have time to eat him, at least not while he still lived.

...It had been at least five days since his capture, while visiting his homeworld of Cardassia Prime. It had been such a simple ploy by his captures. While reminiscing on past mistakes on the surface, he had been beamed back to his ship for some unknown crisis. After entering his access codes for his private terminal he found himself feeling dizzy. His eyes became heavier with each blink as he struggled to remain conscious. The room seemed to melt away around him until darkness engulfed his world.

...He had woken up here, in this godforsaken cell. Who had taken him and why, had been his first thought and he had drawn only one conclusion; The Undine. They had both the technology and the motive and this cell, where he lay rotting was most certainly their style.

...The ship that he had boarded must have been some advanced reproduction, possibly holo technology, simply to gain his access codes and to capture him. The fact he was still alive could only mean they still had need for him, yet the lack of food seemed to contradict that. Perhaps they did not know his species needed food? Perhaps they did not care?

...Yet a more pressing matter than his own fate had occupied his mind for the past five days. To what end would they now use his codes? If he had gone missing his codes would be worthless, changed immediately on his disappearance. That meant that they must have replaced him with an Undine agent. A spy, on his ship, one of the most powerful in the Federation. He shuddered in the cold musty air. Cardassians so hated the cold.

...He closed his eyes and tried to think of the heat. His mind escaped back to that of his ship. In the bowls below the engine room, was a Jeffries tube that ran between three EPS conduits. It was a small narrow space and often uncomfortable, but it was warm, far warmer than the crew were accustomed to, and no one ever ventured down there unless the conduits were redirected during maintenance. At the end of the corridor was a small junction that was barely large enough to hold one person, yet the Admiral would often go there and sink down into a corner with a good book or a PADD containing the latest tactical reports. In that tiny space he found his solitude; a time to think about their mission, the war, the coming darkness that seemed to loom on the horizon. For a few moments each day he was happy.

...He had originally just increased the temperature of his quarters, as anyone would have expected but he found people would drop by with a report or a query only to be assaulted with a wall of heat as they walked through the doors.

...He could see the discomfort as they entered the hot, dry room, and Starfleet uniforms were not always the most casual of uniforms to wear. Commander Jenne, the Andorian, in particular found his quarters the most uncomfortable, and when Ensign Johanson was almost physically sick in his room he decided to spare them, and himself, any further torment and find his own spot. It was inappropriate and selfish for the captain to spend all his free time in the holodeck, so after much exploring he found his sweet spot.

...Now he had all the solitude he could handle, while an Undine imposter almost certainly now commanded his ship.

...Suddenly, a sound broke his daydream. The far wall started to move as its organic mass parted. The bright light burned his eyes and he tried to look away. A figure stood in the doorway towering over him. His solitude, both physical and mental, had been broken.