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06-03-2011, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
Matt, since you're posting in here, I really want to ask this. Why can't us 200 day vets access gold bling on the Jupiter uniforms? The 200 day Uniform is, no offense, kinda blah looking, but the gold bling is cool. So, why can't we access gold metallic shoulders on the Jupiter uniforms like the 500's can the silver/pewter metallic? Do we not deserve Vet Bling as well?
You'll use your 200-day blingiform and like it, dammit!

Actually, given that they're patches of different material type rather than different texture, I wonder just how much work it is. I know in Maya, at least, working with objects that have different materials assigned to different faces can be a pain, and snipping up an object (to make different materials easier) while retaining apparent seamlessness while animating is an even bigger pain. And that's before you transfer it over to a game engine...