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06-03-2011, 02:59 PM
Hey there! A lot of us were in the same situation as you are now. I looked around for a fleet and had troubles finding one that was for mature people and had very few rules and regulations.

We are a "mature" fleet with members from 29-60 and we all have work, home improvements and family that cut into our STO time! A balance is always good so we are a casual fleet. We are only 2 months old but we now have 30 active players and all of us are social first and game second. A really great group of people if I do say so myself

We are not an ordinary fleet where you have to beg to move up in ranks we have a ranking system that is based on your in-fleet rank so if you are a Captain in game you have earned the Fleet rank of Captain. If you want to be more involved then we will make you Fleet Admiral and put you to work!

We are trying to have a variety of options so there is some Roleplay (RP) and fleet missions and player on player (pvp). For the RP we have made up a continuing background storyline where officers from the 23rd century that are about to die are scooped up and taken to the 25th century to fight in the war. We have all been working on our bios to fit that storyline (but it is not mandatory)

We all love TOS but since we are in the 25th century now we can use and play with all of the new toys and ships but nothing is more fun to us than to do a pvp all with our TOS Constellation Class or hang out in Quarks with TOS uniforms and start a fight with all of the spinoff supporters. Just joking we love all of starterk!

We have a few UK players and a few players on the west coast and a few players in the east coast that play all the time lol

All that being said please check us out and if you like what you see let us know.

Mark (aka James Bailey)