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06-03-2011, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by inktomi19d View Post
You're only likely to have one ST. Things will get past it a lot.

The current way is that *nothing* reliably clears SS, which is worse. It should have at least one reliable counter.

PH isn't the only thing that clears tractor beams -- APO does as well, and it's often possible to just muscle through it with a combination of Evasive Manuevers, EPtE, Engine Battery, Aux to Dampeners, or just running high power to engines. When I run my Excelsior-R I'm likely to be immune whenever APO or PH cool down, and I almost always have some movement buff up which is enough to power through those times when no immunity is available.

Tractor beams can be effectively countered by each type of BOff: Tactical uses APO, Science uses PH, and Engineering can just muscle through with EPtE and Aux to Dampeners. This means that any ship can counter tractors, usually while gaining some other benefit.

PH isn't the only thing that counters tractor beams, it's just the only thing most people bother using.
I never said PH is the only thing that countered tractor beams. Actually, you just proved my point - even though Tractor Beam has SO many counters in the game (NONE of which actually just "remove" the TB like Science Team removes Jam Sensors for example; except Photonic Shockwave (which you didn't even mention), but you still need to be in the 3 km range for PS to affect you, which gives the one using the TB a 2 km window), it's still a viable ability to use. I use it frequently and effectively in PvP with my fleet and we often get the desired effect out of it.

Jam Sensors, on the other hand, is an ability that nobody likes to use, because it's easily countered with an ability that almost everybody uses anyway. And it's not sorta kinda countered like the Tractor Beam (with movement buffs that can overcome it when they're strong enough, or an ability that minimizes its effect), it is completely removed.
And it's on a 45 second cooldown as well - so it's a whole Sci BO ability wasted if everyone can just remove it (or have it removed by a team mate).

And no, SS is not broken. It's just not such a wasteful ability like Jam Sensors is.
Plus, if you want to counter it, it's not that hard. Just point your camera somewhere so there isn't anything else on your screen. You will reliably get the Science Team yourself.
I had a great (and long) PvP match yesterday, and the opposing team used SS quite extensively. I was able to remove it every time, except once, when another ship entered my viewing angle just when I was activating ST.
So I disagree, it's not stupid game design, it's just not as easy as clicking a button.

With that said, yes, positioning the camera in a certain way can get annoying, but I'd rather have that than an easy counter to an ability that someone might use in his Sci Cmdr slot. If they found some other way to counter it without just removing the effect like with Jam Sensors, I'd support that as well.