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# 84 Guidance
06-03-2011, 05:22 PM
The battle had been costly, 17 dead, many more wounded including several Bridge crew, damage that would take weeks to repair, it was a hard earned fight, and the crew of the Blacksabre were still earning it.

Krovennan had been sitting at his desk for seven hours, he would have been asleep three hours ago normally, but now, he had to sacrifice sleep to do the most daunting job any Commanding Officer faces, stacked around him were piles of PADDs indicating damages, wounded crewmen, and worst of all, deaths.

Lieutenant Christina Mallinci, she had been with Krovennan since the Blacksabre-B, and one lucky shot from the enemy launched her into a broken bulkhead, the piece that pierced her chest killed her instantly.

Ensign T'kol, a Vulcan woman new to Starfleet, she had only been on the ship a week, working in Engineering, an EPS conduit blew half an hour after the battle, it took an hour before the wounds to her face finally claimed her in Sickbay, she would have been in constant pain.

Krovennan looked through PADD after PADD, another half hour, and the ack of sleep was grating away at his patience. Just when it seemed he may soon be finished, Tallasa walked in, the Andorian First Officer deposited a stack of PADDs almost as tall as her torso, the moment she placed the PADDs down, she walked out, she had seen the look Krovennan gave that stack before, she new what was about to happen.

Krovennan stared for what felt like hours, but was in fact five seconds, before finally losing his hold on his Vilscaran temper, and gaining a hold on his desk, Heaving, Krovennan tipped the desk onto it's side, there was an almighty crash as the PADDs fell to the ground with the table, Krovennan stared at the mess for a moment, before leaving his Ready Room, moving quickly across the Bridge, and disappearing behind the closed door of the Turbolift, the Bridge crew had made sure to work silently, no-one wanted to give Krovennan reason to become angrier.

The black and silver object stood silently in Krovennan's quarters, it stood out against the rest of the room, filled with items that moved and beeped in a thousand different ways, this stood motionless, a isnland of calm in the storm. Krovennen walked into his quarter's and stood in front of the object, getting down on one knee, Krovennan crossed his hands across his chest, both palms on his pecs, thumbs interlocked, when this was done, he lowered his body and head, bowing to the item with the makeshift wings on his chest, it made sense when he was bowing to a harpy.

The representation of the Harpy Mother was pristine, her right hand reaching out in front of her, as if offering a hand of guidance to whomever bowed before her serene and caring face, Krovennan bowed, and opened his mind to relive all that had happened, mentally confessing to this diety, Vex Manna'Mordeth was a religion that required little from it's worshippers, preferring to ask rather than demand, Krovennan bowed right now of his own volition, he held the bow for several minutes, whn he stood up, he felt better, there was no great knowledge, no divine intervention, just the simple feeling that Manna'Mordeth knew his plight, and she would watch over him.

Half an hour later, Krovennan finished all the reports laid out on his recently turned upright desk, there were no more outbursts nor feelings of despair, Krovennan knew that that statue was a sanctuary to him, it helped him through tough times and without it, he would not have been where he was today.

Krovennan returned to his Bridge, sitting in the captain's chair, the Blacksabre-E had been tractored back to Earth and was undergoing reapirs, it would take a while, but it would be done, Krovennen allowed himself to relax, there was nothing more to do but watch the traffic between the station and Earth, until next time, where he would return to his quarters and pray again and again, the one time he truly felt like he was at peace.