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06-03-2011, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by VonStar View Post
I am one of those people who really like going by a canon ( Either game canon or official canon ) guide when it comes to uniforms in this game. I recently purchased the Jupiter series Uniforms at the C-store and can not use them as I am unable to find any sort of color canon guide. I hate guessing on colors !

I am at a loss here.... I have come to rely on Blackavaar's Guides so much - That I can't wear a uniform unless he has released the guide for it !

I know the uniforms just came out... But I am in agony over this......

Please Help...... Ahhhhh !
Sorry, Von, but you're going to have to wait a little bit. My home comp crashed and until I can get it up and going again I can't really do much of anything. Don't worry though. I am on it and will have the guides up ASAP.

Until then I can guide you with text as best I can using this Color Chart. Now this is just based off of the uniforms as shown in the C-Store and what few lighting tests I was able to get done last night before my comp crashed.

The colors should be ordered like this; Red B2, Gray B12, Gray B10, Gray B12 for most of the uniforms. Substitute Red B2 with Gold B1 for Operations and Blue B2 for Sciences. Color pant stripe or deco to match. Use Pants 01 with Top 01, use Pants 02 with Top 02 and 03 and use Pants 04 and 05 with Top 04 and 05. Use the belt only with Tops 02, 03 and 05. The others have details that the belt would obscure.

Hope that helps for now. Like I said, I'll have the image guides up as soon as I can.