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# 1 Need Help Keys Not Working!
06-04-2011, 02:16 AM
Okay this is crazy, the other day I was on playing and everything is fine, been that way over a year. Today I log on and when I press "w" to walk forward. Something on my skill bar is used. and I go nowhere. I can type in the chat box just fine. I cannot press "p" for powers. "u" for character pane. Nothing. I went to the key binds, and went to walk forward, pressed "w" ther and a "3" popped up. I did it again and a "4" popped up! up thru 9 and 0 and back thru the numbers. But when I press "w" in the chat box. It is a "w". Why only in the game window is it messing up then. I mean glitchin bad. I cannot use any of the letter key to do anything on the normal game screen. Please sombaody tell me what happened. Mind you I changed nothing from one day to the other. And it worked fine the other day. And maybe the wierdest part is if I hold down Ctrl or Alt, It will work. It will say Ctrl+W not Ctrl+7 or something wierd.