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06-04-2011, 05:59 AM
I tried to search this but not very good with the search engine. I am thinking about getting a fighter and of coarse it will wind up being 2 if i like it since i spend time on both sides od the neautral zone. My question is are there or are there plans to put fighters into pvp structure. As far as i know they arent very usable for general gameplay and i am not sure what would happen if i just jump into one and sign into the q?

One of my frustrations with pvp has been that I wind up spending alot of time figuring out what works and its so complicated. I think with fighters there would much less complication and alot more kickin tail (or getting kicked) as a matter of skill or luck and not the magical combination of 30+/- powers.

Maybe there is such a thing out there already.