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06-04-2011, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Oh no, please not.
I'd rather see them to make actual Klingon ships like the K'Vort or a t5 K'tinga then just ANOTHER ugly Fan-design.
Well with the K'Vort, I'm surprised they havn't added it in yet. Outside of the D4 and D5, there isn't much more cannonical ships left for the Klingons, except the Voodeigh Negh'var Varient.

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Even the usual Klingon-fan designs turn out to look much more awfull then the (mostly already prety ugly) Federation ones, and seeing that what won the Fed-contest instead of the at least bearable designs... nonono. No Klingon contest like that......
Okay, then tell me what you think about this fanmade Klingon warship.

(PS. The front has been redone, and has yet to be posted).